Great design and precision engineering are the touchstones of First Glass Roofs, they just needed to find a marketing and creative design agency who shared their passions.

Based in Hampshire, First Glass Roofs, a manufacturer to high-end glazing solutions, asked us to help them get their marketing house well and truly in order.

First stop, marketing strategy. We worked closely with the founders to establish what they wanted to achieve, what made them unique and what their ambitions were. We developed a marketing strategy that is focused on achieving their goals and making them stand out in the market. Next stop, visual identity. First Glass Roofs had a logo but it needed modernising, it just didn’t fit with their vibrancy, ambition and eco credentials. We nailed that and also developed the remaining elements of their visual identity. We were on a roll!

We move onto designing and developing a new website that captures the spirit of the company and reflects their strategic ambition. We also designed printed material that was badly needed in their distribution network. We’ve developed marketing strategy, created a visual identity and translated this into website design and design for print.

Website Design

Printed Material

Logo Design