Sian is a renowned hair and makeup artist working in Dorset and she knew that she needed a website that would showcase her work and she knew that her current website just wasn’t doing that.

For this job, we sat down with Sian and went back to basics. We shifted the focus away from a dark, text heavy site to one that is light, welcoming and has the spotlight totally focused on her, and her team’s amazing work.

We decided that photography of Sian’s work needed to take centre stage and we set about developing a portfolio gallery on her homepage that can be changed and organised depending on what her prospective clients are interested in. What doesn’t change is that the user gets to be inspired by Sian’s fantastic creations.

Sian’s new website now reflects the fact that she is one of the leading hair and makeup artists in the South West.

Feedback has been brilliant and Sian is busier than ever.

Website Design

Website Maitenance