Sign Services South is responsible for the installation, management and collection of thousands of estate agency boards across the South West of England. They wanted to deliver more efficient solutions to their clients and we helped them do it.

With hundreds of orders being emailed through to the office, the team at Sign Services South knew that they needed to improve their ordering system so, we got together and started working it out. We decided that a web based solution would offer the best solution for the team and their clients so we set about building one that is intuitive to use and provides rich data.

Once a client has created a secure account and logged in, they can place orders via bespoke forms that we created. All orders are sent to a central database that can easily be interrogated by clients (their data) and by the team at sign services (all order data).

Our solution has provided a consistent and straightforward ordering system that is accessible to multiple clients, that reduces the possibility for error in the ordering process.

The site is working well and has processed hundreds of orders already. Feedback has been excellent  from the team at Sign Services and their clients.

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