Sunninghill Prep School in Dorchester took the decision to fully review their marketing strategy and contracted Stonecoast to help them do it.

The project started by spending time with the team at Sunninghill working through strategic and tactical options. We figured out what was important to the school and what wasn’t. We worked together to shape a new marketing strategy that supported the exciting emerging vision for this vibrant school.

With a new strategy in place, we worked with the team to modernise their visual identity and we developed a brand book to ensure that they achieve maximum brand recognition.

From there we set about developing a new website for the school. The existing site had become cluttered and confusing to navigate; so we went back to basics. We designed and built a site that is based on a great user experience and intuitive navigation. The site contains all the information that potential parents need to know and great photography (all done in house) that showed just why the school is incredibly popular with parents and pupils alike.

Next up was the development of a totally new prospectus for the school. We worked with the team to design a prospectus that really got to the heart of what the school is all about. Focusing on great photography to tell the story of life at the school, we produced a document that is both engaging and informative; taking potential parents one step closer to joining the Sunninghill family.

By handling the photography in house, we ensured that both the website and the prospectus captured the warmth, charm and pastoral care that the school is renowned for.

We applied the new brand guidelines to a range of printed material, such as the promotional material for the brilliant Parent and Toddler group that was previously being promoted with photocopied flyers. We’ve also developed print ads, a new school calendar and many other promotional items. Our aim is always to develop printed material that sticks around, and looks great on any parent’s pin-board or fridge door.

School signage was next. We reviewed, simplified and increased the impact. If you’re going to have signs, they need to do a job! Following the implementation of the new brand identity, we have also re-designed all school stationary.

This is an ongoing  relationship that draws on our expertise across the marketing range to drive a holistic solution and we are super excited to work with the school to develop marketing strategies that will deliver outstanding results. We’ve been working with Sunninghill for over two years now and the marketing has gone from strength to strength.

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