The Commercial Law Practice were looking for a new agency when fate (and an awesome piece of Stonecoast digital marketing) brought us together.

We’ve been working with The Commercial Law Practice for three years and in that time, our work together has covered the full range of marketing activity.

When we initially got together, our first step was to take a step back. We wanted to understand what made the practice different, what made them special. We started by reviewing their visual identity and marketing strategy. Through extensive discussions with the team we knew that we needed to modernise their identity and bring everything into a sharper focus. We produced a brand book for the practice, setting out how the firm would visually communicate in the future. Their fonts, logo and colours were modernised to reflect the culture at the firm. A sharp, contemporary look and feel was born.

We worked with the practice to apply this to their existing website, we developed a new suite of printed brochures and stationary and we designed new print advertising that made the practice really stand out from their competitors. We then took the new look outdoor, devising the practice’s sponsorship of Dorchester’s annual skating in the square and other strategic outdoor sites.

The practice’s new logo has taken pride of place (it’s about 7 feet high!) in the reception of their fantastic new office in the heart of Dorchester and client feedback has been excellent. We have also designed the firm’s signage and have produced a range of event invites, cards and brochures.

We’ve recently developed a new advertising campaign that shines a spotlight on the two very different sides of this unique law practice. This is currently in print and on the outdoor screen in Brewery Square, Dorchester.

We’re delighted to be a part of The Commercial Law Practice’s continuing success.

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