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We’ve got a button on our website that says that we do digital marketing. And we do, we do it really well. But I’m thinking maybe we should take it off.

According to an article on, 11 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2015, too many companies think in terms of digital marketing. Instead they should be thinking in terms of marketing in a digital world. That world exists now and consumers are gaining the upper hand.’

They make a good point. Should we be differentiating and selling our services based on channels or on what customers actually need? It all depends on our starting point. Do we go in with a pre-meditated solution that includes our ‘deluxe digital package’ or do we really listen to our clients and their customers?

Customers are going to exert more power and influence in the coming years and we need to be ready to embrace that.  Customers exist in a physical and digital world and they get to choose if they listen to you or not and when they do want to engage with you, on what platform they will do it. As things become more digital, things are getting more real. Great content and transparency will be key as customers seek something real from you. All of your promises are really easy to check anyway as there is a bunch of  your customers out there reviewing, blogging and posting about you right now.

So do we still do digital marketing?

We do marketing in a digital world. It has to all join up and it has to be real. We are focused on meshing the brilliant opportunities that digital channels give us but it all needs to be based on your business, your brand and your customers.