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So, Hillary is making a run for the White House. In any political campaign, things can go wrong. They’re often the best bits. God knows the campaign here could have done with a bit of the old Gordon Brown magic!

Anyway, Hilary has got her campaign website up and running and the great people at Mashable have crawled over it and brought us something truly interesting.

For all of us with websites, we strive to make sure every link actually goes where it’s supposed to go. Every time.

We don’t want a prospective client, one that we’ve invested blood sweat and tears in, to experience the dreaded 404. What kind of company has broken links? A rubbish one, that’s what!

Except that this happens, it just does sometimes. It’s how you respond to this failure that matters.

Hillary’s team are pretty good at it. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you repair them and maintain the trust of your customer while supporting your brand. Love or loath her politics, Hillary has got this one spot on. She’s turned a broken link into something that grabs your attention, makes you smile and then hits you with her call to action.  Have a look and see what she’s done.