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As you may have noticed in the news that Facebook has been having quite a few issues recently. This blog post isn’t going to delve back into data use and protection or committee appearances but is going to have a look at what’s going on with Facebook’s ability to drive traffic (which is pretty important to all our marketing efforts).

New data shows that mobile direct to site traffic has surpassed Facebook for the first time. According to research carried out by Chartbeat, referral traffic from Google search is way up, primarily driven by mobile and by Google Chrome Suggestions.

For a long time, it’s been accepted wisdom that mobile readers = social readers; someone on a mobile device was most likely to find your content via Facebook. This appears to be changing. Chartbeat data suggests that most mobile readers are arriving to a site directly to a homepage more often than from social platforms (Facebook).

The party is definitely not over but the times, they may be a changin’. Facebook can still be a really effective part of your mobile strategy but this latest traffic trend says that your web presence should be as optimized for Google search as you possibly can be.

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