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How well do you know your customers? Probably not well enough!

From a marketing point of view, to communicate really well with your consumers requires us to know where they are now and where they will be in the future. We should aim to understand how they like to be communicated with, which marketing channels they prefer and which ones they hate.

Understanding potential and existing customer better can allow us to target people at the most convenient time and in the best location to generate a positive interaction. Sounds simple really.

However, according to a recent article in Marketing Week, a study by Aimia, which runs the Nectar loyalty scheme, 69% of Britons are closing down accounts and subscriptions, and ‘unfriending’ companies because of poorly targeted communications. This includes unfollowing brands on social channels (69%), blocking numbers (59%), opting out from the majority of company email communications (58%) and deleting apps because of too many push notifications (55%).

We’ve all stopped following companies on Twitter or de-friended them on Facebook as, to put it frankly, they’ve become really irritating. And, while we’re on the subject, if I get one more ‘holding out for the best deal? – this is it’ postcard from a certain TV company through my letterbox (I’m not kidding, I’ve had at least 20 of exactly the same offer in the last 12 months), I will shove the recycling bin directly under the letter box and save myself a walk.

They have not bothered to get to know me, despite being a customer of theirs for about 10 years. Their relentless campaign to get me back is actually hardening my stance to stay away! Great personalised communications guys! Enough of my problems, back to the issue at hand.

According to the research, just 11 % of loyalty programmes offer personalised rewards based on a customer’s purchase history or location data. Even the big companies that hoover up our data can’t talk to us as individuals.

The opportunity is clearly there. If you can talk to your customers and find out their preferences (because I’m sure you’re all looking for long term relationships with them), you can design and deliver communications that they will find valuable and they will respond to.

As always, give us a shout if we can help!