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2015 is turning into a pretty big year for mobile marketing. The recent annual communications market report from Ofcom found that 33% of people now see their smartphone as the most important device for getting online compared with 30% who cite their laptop. This is a pretty big shift from a year ago when 40% said that their laptop was most important compared to only 22% who said it was their smartphone.

Faster smartphones with larger screen areas have fuelled this growth and it’s interesting to see that smartphone users are now spending two hours a day browsing the web on average compared to less than an hour for users whose favourite browsing device is a desktop or laptop. The browsing experience can be really great on smartphones these days and we have long championed getting your website optimised for a fantastic browsing experience on this platform.

However, it’s not just all about mobile.

Customers have a range of devices on which to browse your site. Most people research before they interact with a company and this ‘purchase journey’ usually takes place across a variety of devices. The key is to develop a digital strategy that works across all devices. The experience of your website should be amazing on a smartphone, desktop, tablet and laptop. Disappoint your customers in one channel and you may find that they continue their ‘purchase journey’ elsewhere.

Your customers don’t give two hoots whether you’ve implemented a mobile first marketing strategy. They just want a great experience on their terms, wherever they are.