The team at Dorset Podiatry found themselves with an an old, outdated website and needed some help. We worked together to design a new site that they’re delighted with.

The team at Dorset Podiatry inherited a website when they took control of the business and then discovered that they had been firmly locked out of it! This can happen to old websites when businesses change hands – no-one knows who set up the website and no one has access.

Rather than be left with a website that they couldn’t use, the team reached out to Stonecoast for a totally new site that reflected the business, was engaging and mobile friendly.

We started as we always do with a get together to establish what the team were trying to achieve and to find out what makes their business tick. We developed a site structure and visual concept. Our initial discussions led us to discover that the team love the great outdoors and wanted to use that to bring their website to life.

We worked together to develop a site that is welcoming, engaging and informative. Following launch, we provided full training to the team and they are now very much in control of their own website. This was really important during the Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent easing of business restrictions as they had the ability to quickly communicate new operating procedures.

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