Gungho Marketing Gungho is a bespoke tele-marketing company based in Dorset, United Kingdom that works with financial services clients all over the world. They needed a website that showcased their growing company and Stonecoast was recommended to them.

Gungo had a website that represented what they were when they started their incredible business; a quirky challenger who was just starting out. Fast forward a few years and they are working with many leading global companies, generating over £14.7m in new business in the last twelve months. They now employ 50+ discovery agents and are a huge success story.

The project started where it always does…with a pot of coffee and lots of detailed conversations to find out exactly where Gungo is positioned and what they wanted to achieve with the new site. We always spend as much time as is needed in this phase because it informs everything that follows.

We needed to balance a more professional website with the retention of Gungho’s charm and spirit.

We developed and reviewed, developed and reviewed again. Once we were totally happy, we launched a website that provides a great user experience, is really engaging and captures the fantastic Gungho spirit.

The site is working well and feedback has been excellent. Since launch, Gungho has retained Stonecoast to update site content, maintain the site and create news articles. Gungho is an incredible company and we’re super happy to be along for the ride.

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