Navy Wings, a UK charity that aims to inspire future generations by maintaining and flying a unique collection of historically important Royal Navy aircraft was looking for some marketing expertise to complement the charity team.

Navy Wings contracted Stonecoast as they needed support across the full marketing range.

Working with the team, we developed an outline marketing plan, built a schedule of activities and hit the ground running. We’ve been working with Navy Wings since early 2019 and have already delivered a number of important projects.

We developed a content strategy and approach that has led to significant increases in engagement with the charity across all channels (this has been particularly important during the pandemic in 2020 as we worked with the team to up-weight the use of digital channels). During this time, we have doubled social media audiences (followers and likes) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have also developed a schedule of digital mailings that keep supporters and followers updated on the work of the charity and these have been instrumental in driving extra revenue through the charity’s merchandise operation.

We identified that the website was not fit for purpose anymore and embarked on a total redesign that would allow the charity to better tell their story. Website traffic is now twice what it was when we started that process. We are currently in the process of designing a second website which will sell participant flights in their wonderful historic aircraft. We also re-designed the retail site and we have seen a sales increase of 60% so far in 2020.

We have designed a range of printed material including the 2020 supporter magazine, which ran to 64 pages, information leaflets and a new supporter pack to name but a few.

In the last year, we have worked with the charity to deliver a new weekly lottery. Launched in May 2020, sales have exceeded expectations to date and are on track to deliver a significant new income stream for the charity.

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