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Want to star in a big brand Xmas advert? You need to get yourself down to Burberry’s flagship store in Regent street.

You may have seen their Billy Elliott inspired ad with various A list celebs being shot in the air in homage to Billy’s iconic leap 15 years ago. We’ll they’ve now set up a booth in their store so that you can be filmed doing the same thing. Then, working with Google’s real time video stitching technology, they’ll insert you into the ad next between your best mates Julie Walters and Naomi Campbell. You will of course immediately share the results it with all your friends across social media and they in turn like it and share it with theirs.

There isn’t a better big brand to look for digital inspiration from than Burberry and, while you may not have their budget, or their address book, you can follow their principles of personalisation and engagement in all their digital campaigns. They are out to connect with their audience, and what better way to do it than to make their customers the star of their biggest campaign of the year.

We love digital campaigns that are engaging and sharable (is that a real word yet?) and Burberry are masters at this. So if you are thinking about doing something different via social media, make sure that you do something that your customers will find memorable and will be eager to share. There is nothing better than when you find that your brand advocates are happy to spread your message for you.

If you need help crafting that perfect campaign, you know where we are (in Burberry’s video booth until further notice!)