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The more eagle-eyed among you will have noticed our lack of blog posts recently (understatement).

We have said…

“We’ve just been too busy”
“Work’s got in the way”
“We didn’t get round to it”
“I’ll write it when I come back from that meeting”
“We’ll do one just after we finish this piece of work”
“I’ll do it once I’ve had that cake”

It’s not good enough and we’ve had a word with ourselves and we’re sorry. Ok?

The idea of our blog was to share some of our thoughts, comment on interesting marketing developments and hopefully be generally helpful and engaging. That all seems like a good use of time to us so we’re going to be back in action very soon.

Let us know if you see anything you like or even totally disagree with (we love a debate!) And if our blog disappears again, come and check that we’re ok – we like to know you care!